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· Why the highest-paying careers of the future don’t require 4-year degrees to get you a position working every day with billion-dollar 3D printing, robotics, and machine automation technologies

· How to figure out what marketable skills you already have – and how to find hands-on training that enhances those skills  (which makes hiring you a no-brainer)

· Which companies in the Miami Valley have thousands of job openings for positions that challenge your mind, reward hard work, and offer promotions all the way to the top

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a world where people go to work on Monday morning and it feels like Friday night.


a world where people don’t just settle for a “good” career, but they pursue their life’s work because they found their Dream Job.


a world where employers see the true value of their people, a value that goes beyond any job description.

FINALLY … a Job Search That Works


It isn’t a question of IF, but WHEN you will be looking for your next job.

Waiting until you have lost your job or hate the one you have so bad that you could punch a wall is like installing fire extinguishers in your home when flames are shooting out of the roof. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Preparation is key to a successful job search for sure … but drawing the blueprint, laying a proper foundation and then building on it can set you on the path to YOUR LIFE’S WORK. When you are nearing your final breath, you don’t want to look back on a lifetime of taking jobs that lined someone else’s pocket and did nothing more than provide you with a paycheck to make ends meet.

YOUR DREAMS MATTER … take time to rediscover what they are. Commit time to pursuing them. Take a job because it matches up with YOUR LIFE’s WORK.

Applying for a job online is frustrating at best. There is a better way to conduct a Job Search That Works!

Job Search That Works Podcast

Check our weekly podcast. Here’s is where you can listen to make sense of everything that needs to be done, why each step is important and how to put what you have learned into action. There is a new topic every week. Join in the conversation. Simply click on the “Send Voicemail” tab over to the left or send an email. You can ask a question and you may have it answered on the Job Search That Works Podcast.

014: Changing Jobs the SMART Way

014: Changing Jobs the SMART Way

Today’s episode, is about Changing Careers the SMART Way. We are talking with someone who did just that. Holding nothing back, our guest shares his struggles, successes and techniques. If you are in the middle of a career change or even thinking about one, you will want to take notes for sure.

Robert shares his secret sauce for making a career change. He understood that 80% of all positions are filled without ever being advertised or posted on job boards. Robert is progressing in an amazing career that he loves and every one of his positions have come as a result of SMART networking.

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012: Organize Your Job Search Step By Step – Part 2

012: Organize Your Job Search Step By Step – Part 2

It is time to speak about a few daily rituals that will enhance your search and are often overlooked. But trust me, they make all the difference in the world.

1. Plan the night before
2. Get to bed at a reasonable time
3. Wake up early
4. Reserve the first hour of the day for you … no technology, no telephone calls, no social media, NO EMAIL! Spend this time praying, meditating, taking a walk, exercising, or appreciating nature. This time is just for you … do something that nourishes your soul.

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013: Your Image Can Make or Break Your Chances at a New Job

013: Your Image Can Make or Break Your Chances at a New Job

Knowing what to wear to an interview can really improve your chances of getting that new job. But if you make some common mistakes, you could be out of consideration before you answer the very first question. Your personal appearance doesn’t necessarily reflect who you are on the inside or guarantee you will get hired. However, being well groomed can keep the employer from being distracted by an unacceptable appearance and help them focus on the value you bring to their organization. That’s what really counts!

Let’s face it, we don’t interview every day. It’s difficult enough to prepare the right answers and now you have to worry about how to dress. We don’t even know the employer’s expectations. So let’s take the edge off and explore reasonable ways to present a professional image.

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011: Organize Your Job Search Step By Step – Part 1

011: Organize Your Job Search Step By Step – Part 1

Organizing your job search step by step by step is a must. Looking for a new job can be so overwhelming that it helps to know what to do every step of the way. As with any project, a plan is needed to move from concept to completion. No matter how large or small, each step can be mapped out in its proper order, so when the time comes to begin assembling all the pieces, they fit together seamlessly.

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